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Great opportunities available! SCS offers opportunities to develop and market cutting-edge temperature mapping technologies for international clients, with a top team of brilliant engineers and scientists. If you are up for this challenge, get in touch!


SCS is commercialising a variety of technologies. While currently in development, the company always seeks to provide outstanding engineering candidates a chance to work in a commercial environment and in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team of highly talented young scientists and engineers.

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NEW : Automation & Robotics Engineer


SCS takes on a number of interns per year. These internships range from 10 weeks in the summer to 6 months placements. They can have academic themes such as Master thesis placements and project themes to gain experience in Industry.

Master Thesis: Design and characterization of a mechatronic positioning device

Educational Placements

We work with the best academic higher education institutions in the UK (e.g. Imperial College of London, Cranfield University, Cambridge University) and selected universities around Europe to give students an opportunity to start their career and improve their CVs.

Apprenticeships, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate programmes

“Writing my master thesis in a company like Sensor Coating Systems adds a huge value”

Stefano Ferraro, studying Mechatronic Engineering at Polytechnic University of Turin

LATEST: Doing a Master’s thesis and making an impact at SCS

Silvia on a Career at SCS

Silvia on a
Career at SCS

It is incredibly exciting… especially being in a team like this. Every job you do is so relevant.

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