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It is an important strength of SCS that it has a highly experienced Board with a strong blend of industrial, entrepreneurial and technical experience. The successful development of the technology to date coupled with broad patent protection has been driven by this Board through its regular monthly meetings.

Dr Jörg P. Feist – Managing Director

Jörg is responsible for general management at Sensor Coating Systems. He is a co-founder of SCS and co-inventor of the sensing technology. Jörg was instrumental in raising finances for the development of the technology from private investors, industry and governmental organisations and led the company to profitability. Jörg has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London and a Masters degree in Physics (German ‘Diplom-Physiker’). He was responsible for delivering various programmes to the Office of Naval Research,
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Dr Christopher Pilgrim – Technical Director

Christopher is responsible for the technical delivery of customer projects and the development of the technology at Sensor Coating Systems (SCS). He obtained an Engineering Doctorate degree from Imperial College London through the Research Centre for Non-Destructive Evaluation while working at SCS. During the degree he was awarded the Whittle Reactionaries Prize by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. He completed a Master’s degree in Materials and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham where he was given the Armourers and Braziers Award.”