1.1 What are the differences between THC and THP?

Thermal History Coatings (THCs) are ceramic powders applied by air-plasma spraying to produce a robust and durable coating.

2.1 Can THC/THP be applied on to TBCs?

We need to discuss this case by case. We would typically suggest THC for application on high temperature TBCs. This is because the THC material is more compatible with TBCs.

3.1 How does SCS provide the technology?

SCS offer the technology as a service. The service includes the complete process. SCS will apply the THC/THP to the components. The customer conducts the test. Then SCS take the measurements and analyse the results. The temperature data is then reported to the customer. The details of each stage of the service will be discussed and agreed with the customer, then described in the offer.