Industrial Processes

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Industrial Processes

Temperature is often a key parameter in the efficient operation of a plant and other industrial processes. SCS offers technology that provides non-destructive evaluation of critical structures to enable the plant to safely operate at maximum efficiency and to optimise plant maintenance. Relevant applications include temperature critical equipment in the cement or chemical processing industries or even in fuel cells.

The accurate measurements and continuous data that SCS’s technology can provide are also beneficial for characterisation and development of heat treatment processes. Often, significant temperature variations through heat treatment processes limit the efficiency of the process. Accurate temperature data allows more informed development of the manufacturing process to reduce scrap rates, reduce process time and energy requirement and improve the end-product.

Example application areas:

  • Thermal treatment process design and development
  • Heat treatment quality control
  • Maintenance and warranty tool
  • Furnace characterisation
  • Super plastic forming

Benefits of the technology:

  • Continuous temperature profiling to detect critical areas
  • Accurate operating temperature measurement
  • No access required during operation
  • Enhanced maintenance data
  • Non-destructive analysis
  • Warranty claims
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