Oil & Gas

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Oil & Gas

SCS’ technology can be employed at many stages of the production and distribution of oil and gas, however, particularly relevant application areas exist in refineries. Here a high level of control is required over operating temperatures as they have a direct effect on the efficiency of production. In refinery furnaces, for example, there is a delicate balance between achieving the desired process temperature whilst maintaining economic service life of the pipework. The SCS thermal history technology has significant advantages over current measurement techniques, eliminating inaccuracy due to emissivity changes whilst enabling thermal profiling over large areas.

The extreme durability of the thermal history technology also enables long-term monitoring as a maintenance tool for safety critical components. For example, the unintended overheating of specific gas or fluid valves could be easily detected using SCS technology by applying temperature sensitive paint or coating. Furthermore, worn out components such as pipes can locally change temperature, causing hot spots which SCS’s technology can detect. As a result, the technology can be used to monitor the warranted temperature exposure of components, assisting in potential claim procedures.

Example application areas:

  • Refinery heat exchanger tubes
  • High temperature pipework and electronics
  • Critical valves
  • Pumps and turbines

Benefits of the technology:

  • Accurate operating temperature measurement
  • Enhanced maintenance data
  • Extreme thermal and mechanical loads
  • Profiling to detect critical areas
  • Warranty claims
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