Privacy Policy


Sensor Coating Systems takes personal data protection seriously through our policy. The key elements of how our company manages and uses your data are given below:

  • Our collection of personal data is limited and proportionate to its legitimate purpose which is business-related only. For example, SCS would use business contact details only, not personal ones such as home phone number or address.
  • SCS does not pursue additional data from data subjects for personal profiling, outside of industry and job title.
  • SCS does not share personal data with third parties unless specifically agreed with the data subject for a purpose that suits them.
  • SCS does not sell personal data.
  • It is our policy to de-activate data as opposed to delete it, however, SCS would consider deleting personal data when requested under GDPR. De-activated data will be moved to a different list and the contacts will not be used for any purpose.
  • SCS does not remove this data unless requested.

For the full Privacy Policy please send an email to