Thermal Barrier Coatings

2.1 Can THC/THP be applied on to TBCs?

We need to discuss this case by case. We would typically suggest THC for application on high temperature TBCs. This is because the THC material is more compatible with TBCs.

2.2 Is it possible to measure the temperature below the TBC and over metal surface? How?

In principle this is possible, but details need to be discussed.

2.3 Does THC act as TBC?

To some extent it does! However, typical thickness is between 25µm and 35µm.

2.4 How is the THC sprayed on the blade surface? Can we do it through our own procedure which is used in TBC coating of GT vanes and blades?

The THC is usually applied by air plasma spraying. We prefer to use our own coating manufacturer usually.

2.5 It seems that there are some materials that we have to use in our TBC like Eu/Dy. Does it have any adverse effect on TBC characteristics?

The THC/THP material is added as an extra coating layer to the TBC. Tests have shown that there is no adverse effect on TBCs. The specifics will be discussed with the customer.

2.6 Are the doping and TBC base material included in the package?

We usually don’t offer TBC coatings, but we could suggest a manufacturer for this. The doped THC/THP material is added as an extra layer. The application of the THC/THP material will be included in the service package.

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