Thermal History Technology

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What SCS Does
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The technology developed by Sensor Coating Systems is a revolutionizing temperature measurement in extreme industrial applications

SCS’s Technology Has
Two Main Embodiments

Main advantages of the technology:

Accuracy of measurement

Thanks to SCS technology, it is possible to determine what temperature has been in the engine with an accuracy between ±5-10°C

In - Situ measurements possible

THP and THC can be interrogated in-situ, without the need for dismantling of the components or assemblies

Thermal mapping

Temperature data directly mapped onto customer’s 3D CAD drawing


This unique technology does not damage the component and/or the machinery during the test

Objective read-out

The readout is done using specialised opto-electronic instrumentation, developed by SCS

Automated read-out

Thousands of measurement points acquired in a short time with 3D coordinates

Continuous temperature data

THP and THC give a 3D profile of the temperature, not only single points or lines

REACH compliant

No toxic constituents

Other advantages:

  • Non-invasive. No access required during operation
  • No corrosive ingredients/components. The paint does not damage or alter the component
  • Thermal History Paint is easy to apply. Simple application of paint by using air spraying
  • Thermal History Coating is a robust coating. Applied by using APS (Atmospheric Plasma Spray) for long term applications. Tested up to 4,500 hours

The uniqueness of SCS technology

At the current status they (Customers) have to wait a long time, weeks or months for getting this type of information. With our new systems they can get the same results within a day.

These specifications are application specific and should, therefore, be treated as guidelines.

Characteristics Thermal History Paint Thermal History Coating Comment
Temperature range 150 to 1,000°C 500 to 1,400°C THP and THC allow the measurement of temperatures over a wide range
Application Air spray APS (Atmospheric
Plasma Spray)
THP is simple to apply using standard air spray gun. THC is applied using more sophisticated process to achieve a more robust coating.
Durability Medium High THC, being more robust, can be applied for long-term testing (demonstrated up to 4,500 hours). THP has been demonstrated to be more durable than traditional thermal paint.
Thickness 0.03 mm 0.03 mm The thickness of the paint and coating is low to minimise thermal gradients and any effect to operation.
None None Both THP and THC are not restricted by the EU’s REACH regulations (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)